Can you imagine that the best part of your life can be found past Mid-Life?

Are you worried you might be past your peak and it's just downhill from here?
Are you yearning for support to live a life that really matters?
Would you benefit from a community of like-minded people in search of a life of purpose?

Join us on a communal journey over the next 2 years as we explore and experience the unfolding of our life's purpose. We will be privileged to spend our 4 three-day weekends in the Casa della Pace, a medieval reatreat center nestled in the stunning Umbrian countryside in Italy. Having many years of experience in Psychotherapy and Life-Coaching, we draw on tools and techniques from a variety of theoretical perspectives that have helped many in their quest for personal development. As we are well into our fifties, we also use our personal backgrounds in confronting significant changes at Mid-Life. We connect to our vitality and passion as we consider afresh what lies ahead at our Mid-Life point. While witnessing each other's progress, we hold one another accountable to take the necessary steps towards our chosen goals with weekly peer check-ins throughout the process. Embark on this transformational adventure to discover your own authentic path of a life that really matters.

TuneIn has 3 main pillars:

Community - Focus - Action

  1. Dream it
    During this introductory weekend we focus on what's alive in us, our dreams and desires. With the support of the group we will identify and deal with possible roadblocks to clear the view and allow our Mid-Life vision to emerge.

    Our introductory weekend allows you to get an idea of who we are, how we work and what TuneIn is about. After this weekend you have the opportunity to sign up for the complete project, comprising of the following 3 modules:
  2. Claim it
    Our second module leads us deeper on our path, as we become more acquainted with a life that may sound "too good to be true". The focus is on discarding unhelpful habits and limiting belief systems, while creating new pathways that allow us to grow confidently into our new life. The group-member's sharing, observations and feed-back are particularly crucial during this phase, helping us to see and understand ourselves with fresh perspectives.
  3. Live it
    On the third weekend, we will be well on our way to living out our purpose. We will do some fine-tuning to solidify new emerging patterns. Sharing our experiences will help us to grow more trusting in the authenticity and natural unfolding of this process.
  4. Celebrate it
    Our final weekend is a time to acknowledge our achievements and gifts. We celebrate our audacity to dream, claim, clarify and enact our life's purpose at mid-life. Witnessing ourselves and others engaged in this journey of creating a more meaningful life, is a superb reason to celebrate. We are now "TunedIn" both to our purpose, and to a great group of people.